Lessons & Training

When you enroll at Greenbriar, you'll learn far more than riding techniques. We strive to provide your family with an environment where individuals are able to develop critical life skills, including self-confidence, sportsmanship and responsibility.

Forms & Pricing

Greenbriar Riding Academy's pricing is available for review and our forms are downloadable from our website. We encourage everyone to use this area to get more information!

Greenbriar Events

Our events page will provide all the details regarding rates for lessons, birthday parties, camps and shows. We offer multiple levels of riding experience for each event. Please feel free to reach out if you have questions. We are always happy to help!

Greenbriar Staff

Greenbriar's success over the years is largely due to the quality and experience of its skilled instructors, each of whom is is certified through recognized riding instructor programs.

Horse Lovers

The Horse Lover program at Greenbriar is designed to give you an opportunity to develop a deeper relationship with horses at no extra cost, allowing you to experience the joy and (occasional) drudgery of horse ownership.

Horses for All Skill Levels

The riding lesson and summer day camp programs at Greenbriar have each been designed to accommodate riders seven years of age or older. Care is also taken to match riders up with horses suited to their experience.

Expand Your Knowledge

Looking for reliable information to continue your study of horses at home? Browse some of the resources our trainers have compiled to help you practice and build upon what you've learned.

We Love Sharing Our Passion for Horses and Riding!

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  • Accessing resources that are tailored to your experience level. Call or stop in for any extra guidance you need.
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  • Taking the first step toward discovering the thrill and fun horsemanship can bring into your life.
  • Learning more about our instructors and classes.

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