Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have to have your own horse to take lessons?

No, Greenbriar has a variety of well trained school horses for riders to learn on.

When do you have lessons?

Group lessons are offered M-Th 4-8pm and some group lessons are offered on Saturday. Private and semi-private lessons are offered seven days a week.

How can I get started in lessons?

New students begin with a safety lesson followed by one to four private lessons to prepare for group riding lessons. Another way to get started is to take Bronco camp, the first level of our day camp program.

What will I need to ride?

We require long pants, slick soled boots with at least a half inch heel and a riding helmet. Greenbriar has riding helmets and quite a collection of riding boots that students can borrow at no additional cost.

Do I get to select the horse I ride?

In the beginning your instructor will know best which horse is the most appropriate for each rider. As your instructor gets to know you and your abilities, they will welcome your input on horse assignments. Each horse has its own personality and so helps develop different skills in their riders.

How often do students ride?

Most students will ride once a week. Sometimes a student will identify a goal that requires riding more than once a week, such as joining our show team.

How many people are in a group lesson?

The maximum number of riders in a lesson is six.

Do you accept boarders?

Greenbriar welcomes the boarder who is looking for an intensive lesson or training program.

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