A History of Excellence Since 1993

Greenbriar Riding Academy was founded by Robin Ballantyne, who strongly believes in this quote by Winston Churchill: "The outside of a horse is the best thing for the inside of a man (or woman or child)." Greenbriar's success over the years is largely due to the quality and experience of its skilled instructors, each of whom is certified through recognized instructor programs.

Each instructor also has a deep understanding of horse psychology and an in-depth knowledge of the human anatomy and how it interacts with the movement of the horse. They are trained to assist students in developing the skills necessary to effectively communicate with a horse.

Regardless of the riding discipline a student chooses to explore, Greenbriar makes it a priority to instill a solid foundation of riding basics within them. This is because our instructors know that horseback riding also empowers many personal skills, including responsibility, self-esteem, judgment and self-reliance, allowing them to foster an "I can do it!" attitude.

Robin Ballantyne

Robin is a 1990 graduate of Meredith Manor International Equestrian Centre in Waverly, West Virginia. While there, she received a Riding Master VI and Advanced Instructor Certification covering dressage, jumping and western riding. Robin has been actively teaching since 1987. In 1993, Robin founded Greenbriar Academy.

Geline St. John

Geline is the head instructor and barn manager for Greenbriar Riding Academy. She is a 1996 graduate of Meredith Manor International Equestrian Centre in Waverly, West Virginia where she received a Riding Master III and Instructor Certification covering the disciplines of jumping, dressage and western riding. She is also certified with the American Riding Instructor's Association and holds a Level II in Recreational Riding & Dressage. As a teacher at Greenbriar since 1996, Geline's students and horses respond to her smile and the patience she brings to every class.

Selby Ballantyne

Selby Ballantyne is the barn manager for Greenbrair Riding Academy and instructor in the Summer Day Camp program. Selby graduated from Iowa State University with a degree in Animal Science where he focused on equine reproduction and nutrition. He was also raised here at Greenbriar, so he was brought up knowing and understanding the Greenbriar philosophy of working with horses and people.

Greenbriar offers accessible riding programs for children as young as seven years old to adults, allowing everyone the opportunity to experience the joys of riding, training and caring for horses.

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